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Graphic Tech has been in business for 22 years and is a full-service computer consulting and repair firm in Frazier Park, Calif. Here at Graphic Tech, we like to say that we've been both blessed and cursed with diversity. Cursed, because our work spans many different media, is complex, is difficult, and often requires long hours and extra effort. But also blessed, for the very same reasons. We have never been afraid to tackle "the next thing, " whether it's a new project to bid, a new program to learn, or a new technology to master. Sometimes, we find ourselves in over our heads. But there are amazing things you can learn underwater. As a result, we can offer a broad range of services for hotels, restaurants, retailers, corporations, associations and institutions. Our work spans the spectrum from computer systems sales and repair, networks, hotel property management systems , restaurant point of sale systems, retail point of sale systems, custom configured and building of custom computer systems to meet your needs. Graphic Tech services you after the sale with 24hr / 365 days a year technical support available, you're never alone. as you can see from a partial clients listed below how diverse we actually are.

Let us look after your Computer and Network, we will manage your IT from A to Z.

Common Hardware and Software Problems we Repair

  • Computer shutting down automatically
  • Computer won't boot
  • Computer won't start at all
  • Computer not responding, freezing, crashing
  • Hardware failure & Troubleshoot
  • Computer shows the blue screen of Death
  • Black screen shows disk read error
  • Computer is very slow
  • Overheating problems, cooling solutions
  • Virus, worm and spyware infections
  • Recovery of lost Data
  • Wireless Security issue
  • Network Setup & Troubleshoot
  • Windows recovery & format
  • Windows locked, lost Password
  • Bios Locked, lost Password
  • Widows Installation & Upgrade
  • Software installation


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    Password Recovery:

    Hard drive Cloning:

     We Do Computer repair on site or off site