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Our Services cover the following:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server Installation
  • Wireless Setup and Security Configuration
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Software Installation and Support
  • Viruses and Malicious Software Removal
  • Remote Assistance service
  • Virtual Machine Installation and Training
  • Office Relocation and Setup
  • Network Setup and Support
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • System and Network Imaging
  • System Format and Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Computer Repair

Computer Format or Recovery:

Computer formatYou need to format your Computer! No problem!!   we can do it On site or Off site.

What we can do:
1) we will backup your data.
2) format your PC with original Windows CD.
3) install the drivers from the maker Website.
4) Download the Microsoft Security updates.
5) return the Data back as it was before. 

Your Computer will be like brand new one.


Viruses and Malicious Software Removal:

Virus RemovalEven if you have an anti virus, your Computer may be infected.
Not all  anti viruses can give you full protection.
It's a big difference between anti virus and total Security.
We can remove all Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Pop-ups from your Pc and Network 100% guaranteed.
Our Total Security Software rate in 2008 is Number 1.

What we can do:
1) Scan your Computer with a special Software.
2) Remove all Malicious and harmful Software.
3) Re-Scan your PC, to make sure it's clean.
4) Clean up all temp files and Registry Values.

We also provide Total Security Software includes:(Anti Virus, Anti Trojans, Anti spyware, Anti Adware, Firewall)

Computer Slow Solutions:

Computer SlowIf your Computer is slow, and you could not fix it, we could make it fast within an hour.

The problem could be Hardware or Software issue.

What we can do:
1) Scan your Computer and remove the malware and Spyware.
2) Clean up the registry and the Temp files.
3) Scan and Check the disk errors. 
4) Check the start up programs.
5) Check the memory page file.
6) Delete all duplicated files.
7) Check the updates.
8) Do disk defragmentation.
9) In some cases upgrade the hardware.

Wireless Setup & Security:

WirelessIt's very important to setup the wireless properly.
The Security is more importan than setup, otherwise any one can access your Network and share your internet connection.

What we can do:
1) Install The Router in the proper Place. 
2) Configure The Router and the Wireless.
3) Setup the Security and the radio Waves.
4) Test the connection, wired and Wireless.

Share your printer through the wireless router.
Share your Documents and files.
Secure your Wireless and Network.
Control your kids and all users.

We provide Complete care solutions for your Network.


Hardware Upgrade:

Hardware You need to upgrade or replace the hardware!!, definitely we can do it.
(Memory, Hard drive, Processor, Video Card, Power Supply, ....etc)

Let us Choose the right hardware for your Pc.

We provide Free estimate and advice.

Our Certified Technicians are fully qualified to change the Hardware.


Password Recovery:

passwordDid you forget your Windows or Bios Password?

No problem! Make sure we will recover it.

For Windows log on Password.

For Bios Password.

The System is locked, the Key with us.


Hard drive Cloning:

hard drive cloningMost of the Pc users run out of disk space. They need to replace the hard drive and move the current data to the new one.

Hard drive cloning needs a special Software and Hardware.

What we can do:
1) Back up the entire hard drive using a special Software.
2) Transfer all the information from the old hard drive to the new one.
3) Run the new hard drive and test it.
4) Wipe all the data on the old hard drive.
5) Install the old hard drive in the pc as a secondry hard drive.

Get our advice before you buy the Hard drive or let us buy it for you.

Hard drive Cloning can be done On site or Off site.

We do more, feel free to call us for any Computer or Network issue.